Download Count

Our download count approach is based on the one used by PlosOne (described in details here) which means that we are doing our best adhering to the COUNTER standards but report the total usage of every article as well as every single journal issue regardless of the user location.

We only report downloads from the journal's website, not ResearchGate or other platforms. Per article counts do not incorporate corresponding entire issue counts. To estimate the maximal dissemination of a paper these two counts might be added up.

We exclude the downloads by robots suggested by the PlosOne list (which is in turn based on the COUNTER 3 requirements) as well as a couple of region-specific robots that we have added to the list based on our own experience. The current total is 182 robots in the full list presented here.

List of Robots that are Filtered out from the Download Statistics

Regular expressions for the robots/web crawlers that are excluded from download statistics of the RJCS (based on the list suggested by PlosOne):

ISSN 2313-4518
Russian mass media certificate: ЭЛ № ФС 77 – 57220
Publisher: Ekaterina V. Pechenkova
Editorial office address: Yaroslavskaya ul. 13, office 229, 129366 Moscow, Russia