Aims and Scopes

The Russian Journal of Cognitive Science is a peer-reviewed, open-access electronic journal devoted to the study of cognition. The journal was founded in 2014 and is issued quarterly at All articles are published under a Creative Commons license, ensuring that authors retain their copyright but at the same time allowing free distribution of the papers.

Journal is registered with ISSN 2313-4518 and is included into ROAD, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, Russian Index of Science Citation (RISC), and into the HSE list of the leading Russian journals.

The main aims of the journal are to promote dissemination of the advances and discoveries in cognitive science among Russian researchers, and to inform the international academic community about the research conducted by their Russian colleagues. This is why the objectives of the journal include inspiring communication between researchers from different scientific disciplines who share an interest in the study of cognition, as well as providing an outlet for Russian cognitive scientists to publish their results in English, which is now broadly accepted as a language of international communication.

To protect the reputation of both the journal and its contributing authors, the journal is committed to maintaining high scientific, technical and ethical standards for all published research. Evaluation of the papers is conducted by both the members of the editorial board and independent reviewers. The decision to publish or to decline a paper depends only on the scientific quality of the research and of the prepared manuscript and is not influenced by the author's affiliation, position, academic degree or school of thought.

ISSN 2313-4518
Russian mass media certificate: ЭЛ № ФС 77 – 57220
Publisher: Ekaterina V. Pechenkova
Editorial office address: Burakova ul. 27, corp. 3, 105118 Moscow, Russia