Relevant Research Topics

The journal publishes reviews and original empirical research articles covering a wide range of topics in cognitive science — the constellation of scientific disciplines studying cognition, which may be defined as the acquisition, maintenance, transformation and usage of knowledge by living and artificial systems.

Cognitive science is a rapidly developing field of knowledge. The set of disciplines contributing to cognitive science continues to grow in number and includes cognitive psychology, cognitive modeling, cognitive linguistics and psycholinguistics, cognitive neuroscience (including cognitive research in neurobiology and neuropsychology), cultural anthropology, cognitive ethology, philosophy of mind and many others.

Besides basic research, the journal publishes papers devoted to the applications of cognitive science in various fields of science and technology, including artificial intelligence, educational technologies, usability and cognitive design, human-computer interfaces and brain-computer interfaces.

The editors also consider research in related scientific areas, such as cognitive approaches to emotions, motivation and personality, as well as social neuroscience.

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