Peer Review Process

The main goal of the peer review process is not only to evaluate but also to improve the quality of the presented research and text. The reviewers recommend that the editor do one of the following with each reviewed paper: to accept it, to accept it with minor revisions, to accept it after major revisions, or to decline it. The reviewers provide detailed argumentation for their recommendations.

If the reviewers recommend major revisions, the authors must send to the editor the revised version of the paper and separate responses to each reviewer indicating for each revision how it was implemented into the text of the paper or why it could not be implemented (if the author disagrees with the reviewer).

The reviewing in the Russian Journal of Cognitive Science is blind, i.e. the identity of the reviewers is not disclosed to the authors or other reviewers (but the identity of the authors is not concealed from the reviewers). All correspondence between the authors and the reviewers is mediated by the editor.

The final decision of acceptance or rejection is made by the editor according to the recommendations of the reviewers. If the recommendations of the reviewers are contradictory to each other, the final decision is made by the editorial board.

The editors do not further discuss the declined submissions with the authors.

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