How to Submit a Manuscript

Manuscripts should be electronically submitted to the journal’s editors at the email address Please read the author guidelines carefully before submitting your manuscript.

Submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter which indicates what type of paper is being submitted (review, research note, full research paper, conference summary, etc.) and which contains other details relevant to its publication (for example, whether preliminary results of the submitted research were previously published in conference proceedings). If there are potential reviewers in your field who have serious conflicts of interest with you because of personal antagonism or destructive competition, and thus such reviewers might possibly undervalue the merits of your paper, you may disclose such issues in the cover letter as well.

The editors confirm receipt of the files and then check whether the new submission adheres to the journal topics and formatting guidelines. The editors retain the right to decline a submission after this preliminary examination before the peer review process if the manuscript obviously (1) does not fit the journal's topics; (2) does not follow the formatting guidelines; (3) violates general requirements for scientific research; (4) violates ethical principles of academic research and communication; or (5) does not follow the general language norms of academic English or Russian.

A check for plagiarism is performed by the editorial office and may take place at any stage of the editorial process.

Approximately a week after the submission is received, the author is informed of whether it is suitable for peer reviewing and has been forwarded to the reviewers, or has been declined for any of the aforementioned reasons.

There are no publication fees for authors.

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