Ethics of Research and Publication

The editors assume that the authors share the values of the academic community, care for their reputations and so by submitting a manuscript declare that their research was conducted in conformity to all laws, according to the general ideas of the scientific method and following ethical principles of research.

The research may be submitted for publication only by its authors.

The submitted manuscripts should be original works not previously published. The only exceptions are (1) translations into English of the research previously published by the same authors in Russian; and (2) research previously published as abstracts or conference proceedings. In the latter case, it is required that the text of the submission differs from the text of the previously published proceedings by at least 50%, and the authors need to inform the editors about the previous publication in the cover letter.

Materials sent to the editors should not violate copyright of the third parties.

Close attention should be paid to proper quoting and citation of work by other authors.

The editorial office performs automated plagiarism check using Antiplagiat and Grammarly systems.

When the paper reports on human subjects research, the authors should follow the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki and acknowledge this fact in the paper. If there is an approval of the Ethical Committee for the study of human or animal subjects, this should also be mentioned in the text of the paper. Authors may also send a copy of the approval to the editor if they wish, but it is not obligatory.

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