Content Guidelines

When preparing your paper, please be sure to keep your text as accurate, brief and clear as possible, inclusive of all the information that is necessary to understand the ideas and results of your research.

Submitted papers should include commonly used content sections (such as Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, and Conclusions) and subsections.

Papers reporting null or negative results (the null hypothesis cannot be rejected or the study failed to collect evidence supporting initial research hypothesis) are considered for publication along with those that describe the so-called "positive results". It is strongly recommended to include the report of the statistical power analysis when reporting a negative result.

The description of experimental (and more generally, empirical) results should include, when appropriate, descriptive statistics and effect sizes which allows inclusion of the study into subsequent meta-analyses conducted by other researchers.

When results of the statistical analysis are described, it is usually required to report the exact values of statistics, degrees of freedom and significance levels. It is recommended to do so for significant effects as well as for non-significant ones (for instance, p=.02 or p=.54, but not p<.05 or n.s.).

If some data are excluded from the analysis, it is required to specify the reasons and at which stage of the data analysis it has been done.

The "Acknowledgements" section of each submission should include funding sources and an indication of those who assisted the authors while conducting the research and during the manuscript preparation, when those names do not appear on the list of the co-authors (e.g. Jane Doe helped with the organization of the experiment or John Doe suggested interesting ideas when discussing the results with the authors).

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